Kafeneio – 2016 – 30′

Produced, filmed and edited by: Nuria Giménez
Translation: Natasha Rigas, Giorgos Flevotomos, Trágora Traducciones
Sound postproduction: Mónica Cimas, Xevi Estudi, Axel Waré
Image postproduction: Joan Tisminetzky
Editing consultant: Pedro Pé Kiitos Kaikesta
Graphic design: Ismael Millán


Kafeneia are an institution in Greece. Old Greek men sit there for hours drinking coffee, beer and ouzo, smoking, playing cards, watching TV, sharing their thoughts or just looking out of the window. It is a place where they seem to feel safe and protected from the difficulties of the world outside. Women, foreigners and young people do not belong here. A 39-year old Spanish woman films them. They do not speak English. She does not speak Greek. But they observe and try to understand each other. This film does not only want to be a portrait of them, but also a reflection on the experience of filming and being filmed, as well as on the way we represent reality and the reasons that move us to do so.

Festivals and awards

• XIV International Documentary Film Festival Documenta Madrid (Documenta Madrid 2017)
19th Bogota International Documentary Film Festival (MIDBO 2017)